Mastership Status



The Renewable Energy Mastership Status is the highest accolade given by the EEC for those who are existing Full Members (MEEC) and have also completed a minimum of one year of CPD training as part of the CPD Programme.

To qualify for Mastership Status, you need:

  • To have been elected a Full EEC Member (MEEC)


  • To show commitment to your professional development by having completed one full year of the CPD programme, which includes submission of 30 hours of CPD activities.
  • You can gain automatic Mastership Status if you have achieved four Expert Certificates. This can be achieved through Distance Learning and Classroom training programmes.

Once the above criteria have been met, you will achieve the Renewable Energy Mastership certificate.

To reflect the demands and changes within the renewable energy sector, Mastership Status is required to be maintained each year. You must complete 30 hours of CPD Activities per year during every subsequent year in order to retain the status. A log stating the relevant activities accomplished must be submitted once a year.